Elevate CBD Culinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Elevate 30mg CBD per 20ml serving.
The UK's first and only culinary CBD extra virgin olive oil with GB CBD.
A fruity and peppery Spanish extra virgin olive oil which is enriched with certified, tried and tested CBD from Goodbody Botanicals Company.  This is a versatile advanced strength culinary extra virgin olive oil.
People have reported they take CBD to manage a wide range of conditions.  Many leading doctors, scientists and experts in their fields also believe that CBD may offer a range of benefits never seen before in the pharmaceutical, food or dietary supplement industries.
You can use it in the same way as you would use any other great extra virgin olive oil: raw and unheated.
Pour over salads, fish, meat, roasted veg or simply dip bread in and enjoy these rich and fruity oils just as they are.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the Hemp plant.  It is grown legally in the UK and Europe.
This powerful plant extract has been around for thousands of years.  It is a naturally occurring chemical and is present in the human body (human breast milk has shown it contains a high dose of CBD).