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Quality Fairtrade Products at Brambles Delicatessen

Brambles Delicatessen stocks a range of Fairtrade products. Although the Fairtrade movement began in the 1960s, the Fairtrade Certification Mark on a range of products such as coffee, tea, rice, cocoa, sugar, honey, nuts, quinoa, herbs and spices only came into being in 2002.

Recognised Fairtrade labelling allows consumers the opportunity to identify Fairtrade products and support producers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable farming by promoting greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect. Buying products at a fair price is a more efficient way of promoting sustainable development than traditional charity and aid.

The Fairtrade movement is popular in the UK, where there are 500 Fairtrade towns. Brambles Delicatessen is proud to support Fairtrade products.