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Some of our Italian product range


Amarena Cherries in syrup 160g


World-famous candied wild cherries from Fabbri in a cherry syrup.
Presented in a glass jar.
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Amarena Cherries in syrup 600g


Amarena Cherries by Fabbri 600g
World famous candied wild cherries come in a cherry syrup and presented in a ceramic pot.

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Coloured Farfelle 250g


Italian Pasta Coloured Farfelle 250g
Naturally coloured Pasta. Turmeric, Beetroot and Spinach.

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Fregola Tostata 500g


A Sardinian speciality pasta shaped like little balls. These are handmade from coarse semolina and then toasted which also helps it to remain 'al dente' when cooked. Has a nutty flavour.

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Pici Toscani 500g


This Durum Wheat Semolina pasta is hand rolled and traditionally from Tuscany.
Delicious with a good pasta sauce.
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